Scribe Japanese - Master Vocabulary


  • Master EVERY single popular Japanese word
  • Build the ultimate vocabulary, so you’ll be able to understand everything about Japan and about Japanese language
  • Learn Japanese by sound grouping, to optimise your brain’s recall skills
  • Japanese words divided into JLPT exam category, so you can pass every Japanese exam
  • Native speaker voices, so you’ll sound like a local - like a Japanese guy or Japanese girl
  • Example Japanese phrases to help understand the native Japanese meaning
  • Japanese hiragana + romaji romanisation, to help reading Japanese kanji

Scribe Japanese is only for you if you want to learn Japanese to perfection.

Scribe Japanese covers the complete vocabulary of all Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) exam words.

Complete with native speaker’s pronunciation and shortcut methods for remembering similar-sounding words as well as the tones for each word.

Scribe Japanese has been intentionally designed to teach mastery of Japanese vocabulary - you learn EVERY common Japanese word. Using a unique study method, words are remembered with related-sounding words, so that in real-life situations you are able to contextually select the correct word, even if you missed the tone. Study Japanese this way, and your mind’s ability to select the correct word in context increases 10 fold. Just think about it: for every similar sound, you will know the 4 or 5 possible popular words it could be.

Scribe Japanese quietly saturates your mind with all the correct linkages to learn Japanese to a better-than-native level. This is the fastest known method to the learn Japanese language, by focusing on learning through Japanese games.

Scribe Japanese also includes numerous games using the same study deck, so no matter what game you feel like playing, your study picks up where you left off. You can study Japanese YOUR way. And your dreams of Japan can come closer.


  • 8000 of the most common words, including Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) words.
  • Full native audio spoken for every single word. Speak Japanese within weeks, instead of years, with a daily commitment to study Japanese words.
  • 6 Japanese games: Japanese flashcards, Japanese multiple choice, Japanese tiles, listening flashcards, listening multiple choice, matchup.
  • Spaced-Repetition System that.. is simply incredible. When you get down into the deeper levels with thousands of words to remember, you’ll be amazed at how accurately the right word comes along.
  • Study Japanese completely offline - no internet bandwidth used. Learn and study Japanese anywhere - on the train, bus, on the way to work, sitting waiting anywhere if you’re a fan of “all Japanese all the time”, in Japanese coffee shops, on bed before dreaming Japanese in your sleep.
  • Your choice of romaji or hiragana, along with the native kanji reading (for help with remembering the kanji, you can use our kanji app: Scribe Origins).
  • Ruby text places the reading above the kanji character, just like in manga and anime readings. The same formatting increases your ability read manga naturally (and quietly helps you learn Japanese).
  • Synchronise your progress across devices, if you want to learn Japanese on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Example usage sentences and common Japanese phrases for the most popular Japanese words.
  • Most users who have gone through the entire first level unequivocally say that Scribe Japanese is currently the fastest way to learn Japanese language, both listening and reading skills.

And if you absolutely must learn Japanese to completion: we recommend our sister app - Scribe Origins. Scribe Origins is designed to help you RAPIDLY learn kanji. Scribe Origins is the ultimate study tool to learn Chinese characters. Practice reading kanji while seeing the primitive breakdown which hints at the underlying meaning of the character. Learning the hiragana, katakana, and Japanese kanji is vital for having a foundational understanding of Japanese language. Japanese writing really comes before everything else, as it allows your brain to specifically link word sounds, word meanings, and their written form together. Learning to speak Japanese before learning writing means your brain will learn one set of links, then needs to unlearn them and re-learn them, which is why most language students take 3 years to learn a language. To study Japanese language efficiently and effectively, the kanji writing system is foundational.

Why Scribe Japanese?

# Datasets have been cross-compiled with a variety of word frequency lists. # Every word has been pre-computed for similar sounding words, both at same length words and minor length variations. And each word is cross-referenced with all similar-meanings. # Scribe Japanese is designed as a serious student application. It has been designed to include more frequently-used words than any other study method. No other resource required. # The app has flashcards, multiple choice, tiles, matchup, listening-mode flashcards, and listening-mode multiple choice. It is very easy to start a quick game and pick up where you left off. # Native speaker voice ensures you’ll have native speaker pronunciation. Everyone will think you’re a local. # Audio recordings have been analysed and frequency-adjusted to emphasise clarity of tones. No robotic voices. Just pure silky native voices. # The spaced-repetition learning algorithm has been tweaked and fine-tuned with each release. Two settings adjust initial word-repeat timing and overall still-learning word cap. # Prominent display of your own stories and notes. Scientifically proven and as used by World Memory Champions, creating your own stories as the primal focus point of remembering each word are the proven fastest way to remember a long sequence of words. It means, you learn more than anyone else. # Always the next word waiting. You’ll never be at a loss on what to study next, every word is prepared for you. Your life: simplified.

You dream about Japan. You dream about Japanese language, understanding, Japanese people. So do I. This app is designed to help you get to everything you want about Japan. Scribe Japanese is the only tool that works for building a complete vocabulary of Japanese language.

If you would like the rewarding experience of mastering Japanese vocabulary, give the app a try.

How to Try: Scribe Japanese

We’ve wanted to make this as easy as possible. We know people who have invested thousands of hours into developing their own flashcards, so the price of having it done for you is easily, easily worth a few hundred dollars if you’re serious about mastering all characters.

But we aren’t going to charge anywhere near that. In fact, we’re going to offer the first level of words, free of charge. You can download it and try it out, and get a feel for if this system is really for you. We think this is the best way for you to purchase a product, as it hands over full power to you.

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If you would like the rewarding experience of mastering Japanese vocabulary, give the app a try. Download Now